You wouldn't drink dirty water

So why would you use dirty data? It poses all kinds of risks and difficulties and - much like dirty water - will end up getting thrown away. What a waste.

At Measure, we're all about crystal clear, clean data. Refreshingly reliable.

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Don't risk dirty data

Saving money on buying data is tempting, but it will cost you valuable time, effort and - ironically - money.

It's wasteful - many have to throw away 30% of purchased data

It's expensive - poor data quality leads to over-buying

It's tedious - your team faces more work caused by dirty data

It's risky - your decision-making is compromised

It's volatile - you can't deliver results with confidence

And with increasing fraud and declining participation, accessing accurate data is becoming a real challenge.

With Measure, you now have a new option

Measure solutions are powered by blockchain, some clever cryptography and a great user experience. You can now easily connect with a highly responsive audience and get clean, quality data you can rely on.

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Mobile-only Audience

Our community is made up of primarily young adults (60% are 18-34) in a mobile-only environment.


Superior Transparency

We provide the only industry transparency report on every project, so you have confidence in what you're buying. 

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Deep Profiling

Our participants build their data assets with over 300 profile points and complete comprehensive profiling on-device.

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Bot-free Guarantee

Research starts with real people. Our participants go through a validation process not possible with traditional panels.



Privacy is not an after-thought. Participants have custody of their data and our cryptography ensures their data is secure.

Measure Data Solutions

Whether you're looking for an ad hoc sample for your research project, collecting consumer behavioural data, or building a pop-up community on the Measure infrastructure - we've got a solution to suit your needs.

We're in a major period of transformation for the data collection industry … Pioneering technologies like Measure Protocol significantly deepen the levels of trust that are — and will be needed —to power data into the next century.
Adam Froman
CEO - Delvinia
We were scripting a survey in house and needed a panel partner who could not only provide good quality sample but also work collaboratively with us on the technical integration. Measure Protocol were fantastic to work with – we were able to reach a younger audience who are typically less engaged with research but also had a partner who would work with us on the technical integration and hold our hand along the way.
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Nick Bonney
Deep Blue Thinking
Our experience with Measure was quick and painless. The team were speedy and responsive, and we couldn’t have asked for more from them in terms of support with our project. We achieved the sample we wanted within the timeframe we hoped for. Thanks Measure!
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Bryony IIes
Explain Research
Consumers come first

We know that happy consumers mean better data. So we created a sleek app for data sharing and offer fair compensation.


We're mobile-only

Our mobile tech-stack enables us to collect data where people spend their time the most.

Our technology is exceptional

The Measure cryptography and blockchain technology guarantee superior privacy, security and quality.


How does Measure collect better data?

  • Our user-friendly app gives consumers complete control over their data.
  • Consumers download our highly-rated MSR app and build their data profile.
  • We send data job offers to our audience via mobile notifications.
  • Once a job is completed, consumers can easily share their data via the app, and rate their experience.
  • We offer generous rewards to ensure consumers are compensated fairly.




Get better data in just 3 steps


Get in touch

Our team of experts will help you choose the right solution to fit your needs. Send us an email or fill out this form. We are hyper-responsive.


Connect with our audience

Easy integration with your survey-engine or we take care of it for you.


Quick Results

Our mobile-first audience is highly responsive, so you can expect fast results. 

Let's keep in touch

Drop in your email address and we'll send you updates from Measure (don't worry, we don't do spam)

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