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Measure's "QuickAnswers" Digs into Consumer Views on TikTok

Aug 21, 2020 10:49:01 AM

News about TikTok, and a potential ban in the U.S., has been flooding our feeds these past few days. Now the conversation has shifted to which company might buy the popular social media platform so that its rapidly growing user base of 85 million (in the United States alone) can continue to post their dance moves on the app. 

We wanted to find out how consumers were really feeling about the impacts on their privacy, and the potential ban. We asked a community of 2,300+ 18-35 year olds in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom some pointed questions about their use of TikTok, and reactions to privacy concerns. Did you know that 51% of TikTok users who are concerned about privacy support Trump's possible ban? You can view more detailed results here

Developments surrounding TikTok, its possible purchase and its ongoing privacy and security struggles are moving quickly. Each day brings a new topic to the headlines and it can be hard to keep up. That's why being able to quickly launch a survey to answer timely questions is so important for today's researcher. We used our QuickAnswers solution for the TikTok study, and were able to launch the questionnaire to our MSR app community, get results and present the data in less than two days. 

Measure Protocol’s QuickAnswers delivers:

  • Agile access to a highly engaged audience of young adults in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom
  • Ability to quickly uncover key data points to bolster communications, presentations, reports and business decision cases
  • Budget-friendly consumer insights that meet today’s need for fast, hassle-free turnaround and cost-savings
  • Results in as little as 48 hours for the Express service with data cuts by age, gender and education

Whether it is TikTok or consumer reactions to facemasks, how likely people are to travel to Europe or whether or not Elon Musk would win a cagefight against Johnny Depp - QuickAnswers is the fastest way to get the data points you need to make your case. 

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