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We join EMI Research Solutions Intellicast Podcast

May 8, 2020 12:59:19 PM

Our founders all came together on the EMI Research Solutions Intellicast podcast with EMI hosts Director of Insights, Brian Lamar and Producer Brian Peterson. Owen, Paul and John dive into a wide number of topics and the discussion gets pretty animated in places. Brian usually asks guests how they entered the market research space and he introduces our segment saying we have "best story ever" of getting into the industry. You'll have to listen to find out!

We dive into some of the issues that are important to us at Measure Protocol, including data quality, transparency, improving the respondent experience and our focus on privacy. We also cover the MSR app community and our "breaking news" this week regarding our new solution for the collection of consumer digital behaviours. If you want to know what's coming up next, we have another tool launching soon - and we talk a little bit about it on the podcast. 

Beyond what we're up to at Measure Protocol, the interview dives into a more holistic look at blockchain and how it works in the industry, so if you've been curious about that, check out the recording! 

You may notice that this podcast runs a bit longer than EMI's past recordings. With John Martin (our CTO), Paul Neto (CMO) and Owen Hanks (CEO) all participating, there was a lot of ground to cover, including "who has become addicted to Trampwall on TikTok (It’s not what you think!), who goes all-in for e-sports, and who recently survived a pigeon suicide attempt."

We went over the normal 50-60 minute time slot because we chatted a bit about what people are doing during the pandemic - can you guess who is riding "72 miles" per day on his bike and who is getting fat visiting the fridge in the next room? The participants also had a short back-and-forth regarding the new podium question about whether the American or non-American versions are better (The Office, chocolate, government styles and more). 

Listen to the podcast here! 



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