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How did Measure Protocol come about, anyway?

Feb 26, 2019 3:05:52 PM

When a company first begins, an important foundation is set for culture, goals, and planning for future growth. What better way to understand what's driving Measure Protocol than to understand our founders and our shared story? Granted, this is a short history (as we launched just last year) but the synergy of our partnership set the stage for Measure's exciting future.

We covered our "founder's story" earlier this month on Medium in an article by our CMO, Paul Neto. In "John, Paul, and the other Beatle — Owen — on the road to blockchain: A founders story" Paul writes about how an Australian, a Brit, and a Canadian (plus a "guy from India") all agreed to set out together to change an entire industry. He started out by giving a little background on each of the founders: Paul, a geographer turned market researcher; John Martin, CTO, a computer engineer, philosopher, and ‘one-day will be’ author ; Owen Hanks, CEO, the visionary app-developing guru; and Prashanth Ravidran an expert in AI, data science and blockchain/cryptography.

Bring these diverse minds together in one room (albeit, usually a virtual one since they reside on several continents), and you have the genesis of measure protocol. Paul writes:

"While all of our beginnings were very different, they have a few common threads including startups, technology before its time, acquisitions, too many trips to Silicon Valley, funding, board dealings, and an IPO or two along the way. The common glue here has been our tenure at YuMe which helped provide an intersection point for the team."

The article delves into the recent evolution of the advertising technology industry, which in a few short years has gone from an industry "on the verge of a reality check" to now a space demanding transparency and accountability. Paul maintains that there are lessons to be learned from this process: "while the advertising industry was going through a transition, we could see similar challenges starting to emerge in the data and market research industry."

Ongoing pain points in market research, specifically regarding sample, include things like "the professional survey respondent, online panel representation, fraud, trust, and data quality issues." Transparency and accountability are once again in high demand, this time for things like research panels. And this is where the founding team of Measure saw an opportunity:

"With the emergence of blockchain-based technologies and cryptography...the trio spots an opportunity for a step change and vision of addressing some of these challenges. At face value, if we describe blockchain as a mechanism of building trust, accountability, and transparency, is this not a foundation for data quality?"

Measure's vision is based on using blockchain to ensure consumer data sovereignty and make data widely available as a collective good for society while protecting and compensating individuals. Paul concludes: "Here at Measure, we don’t plan to sit back and wait, we’re pushing forward on our mission, about to release our app, running pilots and hope you feel the same urgency to influence the rules of engagement for better data and an empowered consumer."

For the complete Founder's Story, read the Medium article.


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