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In the news! Measure launches blockchain pilot program with market research industry leaders

Mar 12, 2019 3:16:00 PM

We announced the launch of our new pilot program today, which explores how blockchain can impact long-standing industry issues surrounding data quality, trust, and transparency. To accomplish this, we've partnered with leading market research companies and brands from around the globe to put blockchain technology into operation. The innovative pilot program will reveal how blockchain works on a practical level from both the market research industry and respondent perspective.

In the news release, our CEO Owen Hanks said: “There’s a vast amount of talk surrounding blockchain, but very few practical implementations. With this pilot program we set out to change that by partnering with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the market research space, while also allowing consumers to easily participate.”

The pilot program gives our partners a chance to engage in a blockchain initiative and gain a hands-on understanding of how to operate with a system like Measure, while gleaning important data on consumer behavior and engagement in this environment. Consumers, with no need to have any background knowledge of blockchain, can easily join via a mobile app to engage in the program and own their own data.

We created this pilot to provide the market research industry with an opportunity to engage in real-world applications of blockchain technology.

Results promise to provide:

  • Demystify how to operate survey outreach with a blockchain protocol and a step-by-step unveiling of what this workflow involves

  • Information on how users and respondents behave in a blockchain-powered survey ecosystem

  • Ability for program participants to ascertain the potential of working with blockchain in the future

  • Insights into consumer attitudes and opinions toward the importance of privacy, data sovereignty, and transparency

As part of the pilot, a number of consumers will be able to download an early beta version of the Measure app (MSR). Directly within the app, they can register for an account, provide profile and data sharing options, receive offers to participate in surveys, enable passive data sharing, and redeem rewards. Over the pilot period, consumers will be incentivized to participate in various data jobs and provide their feedback on the marketplace dynamics. To join the beta program, click here!

Look for updates on the pilot soon. We expect to share results in early Q2. For more information or any questions, reach out to info@measureprotocol.com


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