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3 ways to make more money with the Measure MSR App

Oct 11, 2019 11:25:36 AM

There are many apps available that claim to help you make some extra money, yet most fail to deliver any substantial value. Making money from advertising is a prime example of this. When you’re being paid to watch ads for an advertiser, it can take months to collect pennies. The “uninstall” button is your friend when it comes to these kinds of apps.

The MSR app is grounded in the market research space. There are a few reasons why we started here. First, just about everyone understands what a survey is, or what sharing data is about. Many have shared their data recently, in some manner, and others do so on a daily basis. Secondly, market research has real dollars to pay users. While some surveys may only pay 25c for participation, there are real opportunities to earn $1, $2, $5 or even $10 for a few minutes of your time.

The problem to date is that, in this world, survey respondents have been neglected and paid poorly. Measure is trying to change this by making concessions to give you more control of your data. This is done by taking a data minimalist approach, storing only the bare minimum data required for operation, and have your device to be the primary storage for your own data. This makes it inconvenient for others to access the data and effectively shifts the power back to you.

But how do you actually make more money with Measure’s MSR app? How can you optimize and engage in behaviors to help ensure you are getting the most value for your time and contributions? Well, that’s what I want to focus on today. When we talk about data jobs, this means taking surveys, connecting data sources, submitting photos, receipts and other tasks. I’ll focus on surveys for now, though the principles apply to all types of data jobs.

So, here are a few tips to optimize how much you make using Measure’s MSR app:

1. Keep your profile up to date

Qualifying for a data job is primarily dependent on whether you fit the profile that a brand or researcher is looking to survey. Not only does a comprehensive profile help us target better and more relevant tasks, but it also helps us provide a higher value opportunity. Being able to offer a job to a male, between the ages of 18–24, who drives a Subaru, provides a higher reward than just targeting males and screening them until the right mix is found.

So head over to the “my data” section of the MSR app and complete your profile surveys. Check back often as it’s updated occasionally. Maybe you bought a new car, or have a new puppy; things change, so expect to get reminders to update your profile data.

2. Provide honest answers

It is in everyone’s interest to take your time and provide thoughtful and honest answers. If you don’t qualify, it is better to get it over with and move on. Survey systems are sophisticated today and can analyze responses and disqualify them if inconsistencies or signs of fraud are found.

So for the best results:

  • Take your time. You don’t need to go at a snail’s pace, but speeding through a survey just to get through it may flag your responses as poor quality. This can affect your future participation rates (and ability to earn)! 
  • Don’t add garbage text into text fields. If you are asked to provide feedback in a text field, entering ‘ASDF’ or ‘blah blah’ is a sure way to be marked as a poor quality response. Leaving it blank, ‘NA’ or ‘nothing’ is much better.
  • Be truthful. If you are asked for any additional qualifying questions such as age, last time you went to Starbucks or other questions that seem to be the gateway to qualifying, be honest. If you are simply trying to qualify and you get in on inaccurate data, chances are the survey will be boring, not relevant, just frustrating, or flagged for inconsistencies. It’s time to move on to something more interesting.

Providing quality responses directly helps you earn more. Good players get more jobs, are generally paid more for their responses, and can even earn bonus points for their continued participation.

3. Give feedback and rate your data jobs

Many surveys suck. We know that. We try and ensure surveys from our partners are of the best quality, relatively short, formatted for mobile devices and more. Unfortunately, sometimes the occasional bad apple gets through. But don’t despair: at the end of every data job, you will get an opportunity to rate it. This is an opportunity for you to provide some feedback. We score our partners, and low survey ratings hurt their reputation. Repeat offenders will be removed from further participation. Our goal is to encourage good jobs and eliminate those less than optimal surveys.

Rating a survey poorly does not affect your reputation, it is seen as positive, and if a survey receives too many poor ratings (1–3 star), then Measure will flag it and halt it so that other users aren’t subject to the poor experience. While our wish is that we didn’t have to do this, we do truly believe that everyone can help contribute to a better experience.

We acknowledge that surveys aren’t always interesting or exciting. The nature of some topics like banking can be dull, but the reality is that your feedback helps support real decisions and insights for brands and researchers. Every once in a while we like to throw in a silly or fun one too, so keep an eye out for those. “If the Queen was coming over for tea, would you . . .”

Haven’t downloaded the app yet? It’s available for iOS right now: https://www.measureprotocol.com/signup

Paul Neto
Written by Paul Neto

He is a technologist, entrepreneur and market researcher. He was the co-founder and head of research at Crowd Science. Most recently he was head of digital and media for Kantar Canada, the research arm of WPP.

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