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Our experience at CONVERGE: New on the Insights Association Blog

Dec 26, 2018 1:48:00 PM

Earlier this month, we were lucky to be able to attend the Insights Association CONVERGE conference in Los Angeles and speak on a panel entitled Data integrity and the blockchain opportunity.” Our CMO, Paul Neto, joined Isaac Rogers of 20/20 Research and Ted Waz of The Opinion Economy to talk about the technology and how it is poised to change the way we approach market research and consumer data usage. The panel answered some thought-provoking questions from moderator Karen Morgan of Morgan Search International, but the real fun came when the audience chimed in. In fact, there was so much audience interaction that the session ran well over its allotted time in the conference program. 

In a post-event summary article Paul put together for the Insights Association, he wrote a bit more about the experience. He gives a short overview of the panel's discussion about the basics of blockchain, its GDPR implications and why the session was so interactive as to run overtime. "One of the key reasons that our session was extended surrounded audience concerns about language associated with blockchain that causes fear or fear mongering." There is mystery and hype surrounding blockchain, and many are afraid that it will fall short of its promise. He writes, "In truth, blockchain is an important part of moving our industry toward transparency, improving data quality, and boosting consumer research participation."

As a company, it's important to us to continue to educate people and participate in discussions like this about blockchain, helping to dispel the myths and shed light on its practical applications.  We believe that by shifting ownership and control of that data to consumers, person-based data can serve a force for good in society. Moving in this direction can benefit everyone, from individuals to businesses. 

The complete article summarizing the panel at CONVERGE can be read via Insights Association.  


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