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Measure Protocol CEO Owen Hanks Featured on MarTech Series Blog

Sep 3, 2019 9:49:00 AM

The Martech Interview Series is a fun Q&A style chat with martech leaders from a wide range of companies. Each interview covers two parts, which includes the interviewee's ideas on marketing tech as well as insights into the philosophy and methods that make these leaders tick. Our CEO Owen Hanks was recently included as part of this series, giving a peek into his thoughts on the state of the industry, as well as his approach to work and business. 

MarTech Series imageIn the interview, Owen answers some in-depth questions about Measure Protocol and our goals here, as well as some of his insights on how ongoing digital disruptions will affect the future of the industry. He dives into some of the persistent problems that blockchain is poised to face head-on, such as fraud mitigation, increased transparency and better data quality. He says that the way things stand now have "led to a lot of fraud and lack of transparency into what’s really happening in the supply chain. This is where we believe blockchain will come into play and provide a layer of transparency and accountability. The next phase will be weaving person-based data into this fabric – which is where Measure Protocol comes into play and is laying its foundation."

He also takes a practical look at where we are on the timeline to widespread adoption. "The reality is that we are still in the early days for leveraging blockchain for digital advertising. One of the hurdles is performance, as public blockchains in particular will struggle for a long time to meet the transactional demands from digital advertising. The good news is that there is a lot of progress being made in this area."

At the end of the interview, he answers a few questions that give some insights into his work style and other tidbits, including his advice to others when it comes to succeeding in business. "I’m not sure I can claim to do anything better than others, but I do know that my determination, ability to execute and willingness to miss sleep may have been contributors to my success. I haven’t slowed down over the years."

Read the complete interview here: https://martechseries.com/mts-insights/interviews/martech-interview-owen-hanks-ceo-measure-protocol

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