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New refer-a-friend feature added to MSR app

Aug 8, 2019 3:49:00 PM

You asked, we listened! Refer-a-friend is here as part of the MSR app.

We love that our users are so engaged with the MSR app that many of you have reached out to us, directly providing valuable feedback and suggestions for new features. Over the past few months, as users have been downloading and engaging with our app and sharing data, we’ve received great feedback (often unprompted) on the app, offers, engagement and overall excitement about the service. Our favorite part is is that this feedback often includes great suggestions for new features.

One of the top requests we’ve received is to add the ability to invite a friend to join Measure and download the MSR app. We love this idea, and have incorporated it just for you! With our latest release (v.1.9), which launched last week, you can now refer a friend and receive 50 MSR for each friend who installs the MSR app and completes the setup of their account. You can invite friends through any of your existing channels such as iMessage, text, email, Twitter, WhatsApp or Snapchat - whatever you have on your phone. Every user will have their own unique code. (For the first wave we may have a cap on the number, but intend to extend this in the near future.) 


Keep the feedback coming. You can always reach out to use at info@measureprotocol.com or on Twitter @measureprotocol. Thanks for being part of the Measure journey.

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