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Measure Protocol addresses consumer trust and data quality at the MRIA January seminar

By Measure Protocol on Jan 20, 2021 1:21:42 PM

Last week, we were happy to participate in the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association’s (MRIA) virtual January seminar, where our co-founder Paul Neto participated in a panel with Brian Lamar of EMI and Melanie Courtright of the Insights Association. During the four-hour event, speakers addressed persistent challenges faced by the polling and market research industries, as well as covering new approaches and opportunities for change.

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Accessing consumer behavioral data: new piece for the AMA

By Measure Protocol on Dec 16, 2020 1:26:23 PM

We cover the key principles for building trust to increase consumer data sharing in our latest piece for the American Marketing Association. Measure Protocol CMO Paul Neto starts by covering the new ecosystem in which we operate, governed by controlled app environments and privacy regulations. This reality makes it difficult to obtain vital digital behavioral data, such as in-app purchases and media consumption.

The article then delves into a proven option for obtaining this behavioral data, which can enrich self-reported data, gained through surveys and other traditional methods. Paul writes "We must build user-friendly ecosystems that nurture trust and give consumers control over their own data."

At Measure, we have found that this is a proven approach - as long as key trust principles are implemented and followed. These include: d
ata sovereignty (consumer control and consent); an environment that features "privacy by design";  fair rewards and incentives for sharing information; and transparency to achieve accountability and build trust. The complete article elaborates on these important points. 

Paul concludes with: "We know that as researchers, marketers and brands, we must gain a more complete understanding of digital behaviors as the world around us transforms. Building trust with individuals, from the ground up, is at the heart of this approach to consumer insights."

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