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Uncovering what people really, really want from their own data

Nov 11, 2019 2:26:40 PM

Our CMO Paul Neto shared his thoughts about privacy, compensation and data usage with The Next Web’s (TNW) 10 million visitors recently. His article, called “Your customers don’t want absolute privacy — just fair compensation for their data”, explores the current consumer landscape when it comes to things like privacy, data ownership, and corporate responsibility. He addresses these issues through the lens of the data and insights we uncovered by tapping into to users of our MSR app.

So what did our users have to say over the past year about privacy, sharing their data and the value that they place on it? Quite a lot it turns out. In the article, Paul states several statistics we uncovered:  

  • 74 percent of our audience said they were either somewhat or extremely concerned about the protection of their privacy 
  • 61 percent indicated that they probably or definitely would share more data if they felt their privacy was protected
  • 77 percent said they would share more if “corporations were being more transparent in how they were using the data”
  • 73 percent said they probably or definitely would share more if they were being paid fairly for their data 

So what is it that really makes consumers tick? Paul writes: “My hypothesis is that none of these issues are independent of one another and to optimize for the best results, you need to address each one reasonably well.” But the data doesn’t stop there. Measure decided to dive in deeper and explore these issues in more detail. We asked our users to rank things in importance such as protecting privacy, getting paid fairly, data control, transparency, and others. Again, the results were surprising, but Paul says each issue doesn’t operate independently in the consumer’s mind. 

He concludes: “There has been a fundamental shift if the digital ecosystem where we as individuals are taking the stage as the primary stakeholders. While companies and brands exist to make money, there is a realization that if you take care of people, and empower them, everything downstream becomes mutually beneficial, you just need to figure out what consumers really want, and if you get it wrong, be relentless trying to figure it out.”

For the complete article visit: https://thenextweb.com/podium/2019/11/01/your-customers-dont-want-absolute-privacy-just-fair-compensation-for-their-data/

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