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We address data control and blockchain’s role on Quirk’s

Mar 26, 2019 11:56:55 AM

Consumer control over all aspects of life is becoming increasingly important and data ownership is no different. Our CMO, Paul Neto, addresses this issue in a new article in Quirk’s Research Industry Voices blog and in their newsletter. The article called “Responding to consumer demands for data control” dives into how the new consumer landscape and rising concerns over privacy are driving a shift in how the market research industry must address consumer data usage.

He writes: “This tension over data ownership is now part of recurring challenges in the market research space such as declining respondent participation, poor mobile survey design and questionable data quality. These are symptoms of an industry that is ready for big changes.”

Picture4In the piece, Paul outlines two possible approaches to start to address these issues.

  • A data minimalism model in which businesses collect only what is needed and if not sure, don’t collect it. This change in philosophy surrounding data means that organizations must ask serious questions about each and every piece of user data. They also much start to consider liability of every piece of data.

  • Avoiding direct data ownership by foregoing the centralized database of user data and allowing consumers to store their own data on their own devices. “Now the focus shifts from taking measures to keep the database-stored data secure, to finding new ways to connect with the respondents for engaging, sharing data, and participating in research.”

Paul maintains that by building an “ecosystem of trust using blockchain, cryptography, and other technologies and processes, the barrier to sharing data should decline and the willingness to share data should increase. The net result is access to more data of greater quality versus vast warehouses of noisy data.”

The article continues with an explanation of how sampling can work on the blockchain using cryptographic techniques such as zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP). This approach means you can qualify someone without revealing any unnecessary information.

Blockchain provides an opportunity to create a sweeping change in the way the market research industry and consumer interact and engage. By putting personal privacy and transparency at the forefront, rising consumer concerns are intrinsically addressed. He concludes: “Although this approach will require a step-change in the industry, it certainly comes with the promise that building consumer confidence and trust will result in heightened data quality and better outcomes.”

For the complete article visit: https://www.quirks.com/articles/responding-to-consumer-demands-for-data-control

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