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We write about putting blockchain to the test for Insights Association

Apr 10, 2019 3:08:11 PM

In preparation for our upcoming presentation at the Insights Association's NEXT Conference this June, we dove into how we're dispelling some of the hype surrounding blockchain in a new article on their blog. The piece, "Blockchain in Market Research: Putting The Hype To The Test," was written by our CMO Paul Neto. In it, he sets the stage for what we hope to uncover with our pilot program, which we announced last month. 

MSR AppWhen we decided to conduct a pilot, we had goals in mind for both the participants and the market research companies we partnered with for the program. For consumers, we hope to give them a chance to "experience the interaction dynamics, privacy and transparency within a blockchain-powered consumer data ecosystem." Plus, find out how they might behave differently in this environment. For our partners, we want to "remove some of the mystery surrounding blockchain" and give them a chance to see this technology put to use in a practical setting.  

In addition to a clear description of how blockchain is positioned to work in a market research setting (including a graphic!), Paul writes about why taking a new approach like this is important. Consumer attitudes and opinions are beginning to shift when it comes to the privacy and usage of their personal data. "As consumers gain more control over their data, we are forced to play by their rules to gain their trust for their data contributions...Building and maintaining that level of trust to facilitate more data sharing is crucial to the health of the industry." Blockchain may be the answer to help us get there. Find out more by reading the complete article here, or by attending Paul's presentation at the NEXT conference in Chicago June 13-14, 2019

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