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What is the future of blockchain? We weigh in on BlockPublisher

Mar 5, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Recently, we answered a couple of questions for a writer with BlockPublisher, a dedicated independent blockchain and cryptocurrency news publication that strives to contribute and add value to the blockchain community. The article focuses on the technology's impact on the financial industry, with BitCoin held up as the space's first "live demo" of blockchain. But the author wanted to take a deeper dive. He wanted to know: Is blockchain the technology of the future? If so, how many industries can benefit from it?

Our CMO, Paul Neto, talked to BlockPublisher about these issues - first providing some context for the future of blockchain. He said:

“While TCP/IP helped be the foundation of the internet, it was the enabling technology to share data online. Blockchain in a similar way will help be the layer of technology that enables accounting, accountability, and the record of transaction for digital.”

The writer believes that blockchain will transform the financial systems on the web, following in the footsteps of how we use and access the internet has changed. As the Web has moved forward, "users gained equal opportunities to participate in internet-based ecosystems and produce content themselves" rather than relying on data provided by single parties. He says "blockchain provides a complete monetary system to the online world...It provides a fabric of trust to the users in the form of an open-ledger." And it promises advantages and change that go well beyond the financial space.

Paul is quoted in the article:

"In the first generation it will [be] industries like banking, advertising and data that will primarily benefit from blockchain, though as things evolve, people won’t even be aware, or care, that they are using blockchain, or even cryptocurrencies for that matter. It will just be a matter of course."

Read the full article on Block Publisher.com



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