Understand your competitors audience

better than they do.

Brands, marketers and insight professionals increasingly need to know not simply what consumers think (the why) but also what they do (the what).

At Measure we have created a one-stop solution that answers both the what and the why in the same single source. Introducing Measure Digital Insights (DI).


What is Measure Digital Insights?

Measure Digital Insights (DI) allows us to target your customers to understand how they are spending their time on their mobile devices, what they are interested in and what's important to them. We capture the details that really matter in a simple and privacy-first way that protects the consumer but provides you access to their daily consumption habits.

You can gain insights on your own customers or your competitors customers to understand:


Website Visitation


Online Search


Amazon Purchases


Netflix Viewing


YouTube Viewing

Icons_Google Play

App Usage

Icons_And More

Much More





How does it work?

Simply tell us what you’d like to know and we take care of the rest. Our network of highly engaged MSR app users receive fair compensation for sharing their data in a fully-permissioned, privacy-first environment. As users go about their day, our technology passively captures what apps they use, what they are watching on Netflix, what purchases are made on Amazon, and what they are searching online - and more.

Gain insights into their digital behaviours, whether it be from as little as one week to as long as a year. Our technology is ground breaking so that consumers are always aware what data is being collected and always in control of their data asset. This means greater data quality for buyers.


Why do I need Measure Digital Insights?

Brands, marketers and insight professionals increasingly need to know, not simply what consumers think but also what they do.

At Measure we have created a one stop solution that allows our young adult audience to share that data with you. All in a privacy first single source.

Whether you are trying to understand your own consumers in more detail or getting the inside track on what consumers are doing with your competitors, Measure Digital Insights allows you to glean the insights you need to make those big decisions around strategy, product creation or advertising and branding.

How do I start?

Easy. Contact us at sales@measureprotocol.com, or visit http://www.measureprotocol.com/contactus, and one of the team will contact you to walk you through everything you need to know and discuss your specific requirements.

We are super responsive and we’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible, leaving you to carry on with your busy schedules while Measure Digital Insights find you the data you need.


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