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Millennials and Gen Z
Work and media consumption during COVID-19


How is the novel coronavirus pandemic affecting young adults in particular? Measure tapped into its highly engaged, mobile-only community of MSR app users in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to find out. The research, which included approximately 1,500 respondents between the ages of 18 and 39, sought to give a high level look into how things have changed for this population, specifically surrounding the way they are working and information consumption. From a workplace standpoint, many feel that newly working from home has made them less productive, although this group is using a wide range of technology to stay connected for work with WhatsApp and Zoom dominating. A little over 50% of our respondents said that they or someone in their household was working or studying from home.


More than 50% of our respondents are working or studying from home

Surprisingly, television news was one of the primary ways that Millennials and Gen Z are getting their information, with social media only a couple percentage points above this more traditional broadcast media source. Despite what some see as information overload, the largest percentage of the MSR community felt that the amount of information they are receiving about COVID-19 through the news is just right.

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Home is the new norm

More than 50% of respondents indicated that either they or someone in their household was working or studying from home during the pandemic.


Working or studying from home



. . . but it's at the cost of productivity

Young adults feel that working from home makes them less productive.

Productivity at home



Connectivity tools are abundant

The majority of respondents are using WhatsApp and Zoom to stay connected while working remotely.


WhatsApp is most prominent




Pandemic news sources

Social media and television broadcasts are the primary ways this audience is getting its news.
Social Media is the most common source of news



When is it too much news?

Despite a constant stream of news, about 4-in-10 felt that the amount of information we are receiving is just right.


Information is just right


Concerns over news quality

Even though most Millennials and Gen Z are getting their news from social media, they do not feel that the information is accurate.

News Quality

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The importance of data in these trying times

Understanding the way these powerful consumer groups are behaving and feeling during the current global situation is important. Changes in the work environment and news consumption have been sudden and dramatic, so it is key to monitor sentiment and actions in these arenas. It’s vital that brands and businesses stay on top of the quickly shifting trends to better communicate and understand how the crisis is affecting their constituents on a day-to-day basis.

Measure Protocol empowers consumers by providing them with greater control over their data while protecting their privacy and providing opportunities to monetize data on their terms. On-device encryption ensures user data is secure and only shared when users chose to do so. Users of the MSR app are provided with opportunities to build their data asset and monetize it by participating in data jobs such as surveys, or sharing connected data sources like location and device behaviour.

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