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Measure :  building the world’s first ethical and transparent human data marketplace. 

The world we live in is awash in data: what we watch and wear, who we know, what we do, and how we live our lives. Unfortunately, most of this data exists in databases owned and controlled by corporations and we have very little say in when and where it gets used, let alone being compensated for its use.

We think there is a better way.

We believe that data should ultimately be controlled and managed by the data creator - i.e the individual. We are building Measure to make that dream a reality. 

It’s a bold mission with a lot of complexities, but we believe there is a real opportunity to change how we manage and monetize our data lives with more control, and in a way that benefits us personally, and as a society as a whole with better data supported decisions.

Measure has recently raised investment from both venture capital and strategic firms.


Role Description

To help support the growth of Measure and its network, Measure is seeking a graphic designer. This position is responsible for acquiring users, increasing usage and engagement, and supports users of its app - using various channels, and converting potential users into active daily users.

This role requires creative thinking, designing, communicating and executing highly effective campaigns to accelerate the growth of a dynamic network of users.

Expectations and responsibilities

  • Able to showcase graphic designs. This includes product promotional, advertising and marketing material, etc
  • Able to produce images for advertising and social media
  • Able to produce imagery and design for mobile applications
  • Conceptualize and create graphic images that are optimized for social media channels and marketing needs including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and websites
  • Working closely with marketing and product and organize and manage a content calendar
  • Maintain our brand position & voice in every execution, adhering to global brand guidelines & ensuring consistency across all channels
  • Ensure that all graphics are sized properly for each platform and is styled according to the company brand guidelines
  • Hit deadlines on design and video projects so everything streamlines successfully


  • Fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch
  • Background in Graphic Design
  • Interest in data, research, gaming
  • Creative energy, confidence, self-motivation
  • Eager to take on new challenges, introduce and implement new approaches and ideas, grow, test and learn
  • Fast in design and very detail and technical oriented
  • Must provide graphic design portfolio to be considered

How to Apply

Reach out to us at