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The Measure QA (Quick Answers) service is intended for marketers, public relations firms, advertising and media agencies, and other business professionals looking for that one data point they need to make their case. We focus on an engaged, mobile-only 18-39 audience for that one question you just need answered.
250 Responses
500 Responses

QA Standard

Classic omnibus style



per question + VAT

Turnaround: Runs weekly

Minimum: 2 Questions

Maximum: 10 Questions

Setup/Scripting: Included

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QA Express

This package is quick!



per question + VAT

Turnaround: 48 hours

Minimum: 1 Question

Maximum: 10 Questions

Setup/Scripting: Included 

QA Custom

Get in touch!



Contact for details

Need more questions or have something special? We can build a custom solution to meet your needs, budget and timing.


All QA plans include 


Responses: 250 or 500 completed responses per question

Data: Responses to your questions + age,
gender, income, education

Audience: Male & Female, Ages 18-39, Mobile Only

Deliverable: Excel summary

Available in: US, UK, Canada


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Submit your question and you will receive an email to confirm next steps and payment process. We're hyper responsive so reach out to us at quickanswers@measureprotocol.com if you have any questions.