Understand your audience

Unimaginable in-App data

with Retro.

On-demand behavioral data collection technology. Retro provides access to previously inaccessible in-app data directly from consumers in a privacy-first, trusted environment.


What is Retro?

Retro collects and processes raw data shared by individuals in a permissioned environment, into valuable behavioral insights. Each individual becomes a marketplace for their own unique user data.

Utilized by brands to collect deeper and richer behavioral profiles of customers - from both their own and their competitors' audiences'. Used by panels and agencies to enable low-friction behavioral data collection, and as a syndicated service for demanding data buyers.

  • Agile and easy for consumers to provide real data, avoiding the pitfalls of self-reported survey data
  • No device-taxing metering software, vpn, or associated poor experiences leading to low participation
  • Collect data on-time on-demand, or on-going to build robust datasets
  • Extensible to be easily integrated with your trackers, data pipelines, as a stand alone service, or managed by Measure

What can we collect? Here are a few examples. Contact us for your individual needs.

Group 2


Anything from the Youtube Watchlist to Netflix Watch History

Group 6


Amazon Purchase History and beyond - Get in touch for the full app list

Group 3-1

Device Usage

The data collected from phone usage is endless. Let us help you find the right solution

Group 4


Path to purchase, ad effectiveness and something else

How does it work?

Simply tell us what you’d like to know and we take care of the rest. Our network of highly engaged MSR app users receive fair compensation for sharing their data in a fully-permissioned, privacy-first environment. Our technology captures which apps consumers use, what they are watching on Netflix, what purchases are made on Amazon, and what they are searching online - and more.

Gain insights into their digital behaviors. Our technology is ground breaking so that consumers are always aware which data is being collected and always in control of their data asset. This means greater data quality for buyers.


Why do I need Retro?

Brands, marketers and insight professionals increasingly need to know, not simply what consumers think but also what they do.

Additionally, this data is becoming even more difficult to access as consumers move from web to app-based experiences.

Whether you are trying to understand your own consumers in more detail or want to get the inside track on what consumers are doing with your competitors, Retro allows you to glean the insights you need.

How do I start?

Easy. Contact us at, or visit, and one of the team will contact you to walk you through everything you need to know and discuss your specific requirements.

We are super responsive and we’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible, leaving you to carry on with your busy schedules while Measure Retro finds you the data you need.


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